Prices are for guidance only. Written individual estimates are given after your dental examination.

New patient exam (inclusive of panoral and two small Xrays)
Recall Exam
Child Exam (Under 5's free)
Small digital X ray
Panoral digital X ray
Further assessment for more complex treatment (30 mins)
Gum Care
Hygiene 30 minutes
Hygiene 60 minutes
Gum Detox
Tooth coloured filling regular (back tooth)
from £150.00
Tooth coloured filling large (back tooth)
from £180.00
Tooth coloured filling (front tooth)
from £120.00
Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain bonded to gold crown
CEREC Ceramic crown/Inlay/Onlay (same-day crowns)
All gold crown
Post/core to reinforce root treated tooth prior to crowning
from £150.00
Porcelain veneer per tooth
Fixed bridge per tooth unit (usually need at least three units)
With crowns, veneers and bridges on front teeth we may need to charge more than the routine price if extra surgery and/or laboratory time is needed.
Root Treatment (usually a two visit procedure)
First stage root treatment
Extra root treatment to control persistent infection before root filling (each visit)
Second stage root treatment (root filling):
Surgical root treatment (apicectomy)
Upper or Lower partial chrome
Upper or Lower partial acrylic
from £550.00
Upper or lower full acrylic
Normal tooth extraction
Surgical tooth extraction
Surgical removal of Wisdom Teeth
Single crown on one implant
from £2745.00
Three unit bridge on two implants
from £5385.00
Bone Enhancement
Bone generating granules plus membrane
Intravenous Hypnovel
Gaseous Relative Analgesia - adults
Gaseous Relative Analgesia – children
Orthodontic assessment including x-rays (New Patient)
Fixed (traintracks) Standard Brackets:
Upper & Lower start up fee
Monthly Adjustment Fee - Adults
Monthly Adjustment Fee - Children
Cosmetic Brackets (tooth-coloured):
Upper & Lower start up fee
Monthly Adjustment Fee
Upper & Lower Vacuum-Formed Retainers (post treatment)
Tooth Whitening

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